Food Manufacturing

Fresh Pak supplies Food Manufacturers with Fresh Vegetable and Fruit ingredients processed to their specifications that will be used in their final product. Fresh Pak will contract the raw product with our Growers to provide Food Manufacturers a consistent price and constant supply. By being creative with packaging and utilizing Reusable Plastic Containers, we are able to provide competitive pricing and product that has the best shelf life possible. Fresh Pak’s aggressive Food Safety Program utilizes our in-house laboratory and grower approval process prevents any type of outbreaks or recalls. Please contact your Fresh Pak sales representative for further details and samples.

Fruit, Apple Diced Red 4/3 LB
Fruit, Apple Sliced Green 4/3 LB
Fruit, Apple Sliced Red 4/3 LB
Fruit, Cantaloupe Chunk 1/5 LB
Fruit, Honeydew Chunk 1/5 LB
Fruit, Pineapple Chunk 1/5 LB
Fruit, Watermelon Chunk 1/5 LB
Fruit, Mix 1/5 LB
Fruit, Grape Red 1/5 LB
Lemon Wedge 1/5 LB
Blend, Broccoli Slaw and Cabbage 3/2 LB
Blend, Pepper & Red Onion 2/5 LB
Broccoli Florets 2/3 LB
Brussels Sprouts, Whole 2/5 LB
Brussels Sprouts, Sliced 1/5LB
Cabbage, Green 1/8″ Diced 4/10 LB
Carrot, Dice 2/5 LB
Carrot, Shredded 1/8″ x 3/4″ 4/10 LB
Carrot, Shred 2/5 LB
Cauliflower Florets 2/3 LB
Celery, Diced 1/4″ 4/10 LB
Celery, Dice 2/5 LB
Celery, Sticks 4″ 2/5 LB
Onion, Diced 1/4″ 4/10 LB
Onion, Diced 3/8″ 2/5 LB
Onion, Diced 1/4″ 2/5 LB
Onion, Sliced 1/8″ 2/5 LB
Peppers, Diced 2/5 LB
Peppers, Sliced 2/5 LB
Peppers, Red Diced 2/5 LB
Peppers, Red Sliced 2/5 LB
Red Onion, Ring 1/5 LB
Tomato, Diced 3/8″ 2/5 LB
Tomato, Grape 1/5 LB
Tomato, Sliced 1/5 LB
Cabbage, Cole Slaw w/ Carrots 4/5 LB
Cabbage, Shred Green 4/5 LB
Lettuce, Chop 4/5 LB
Lettuce, Garden Salad 4/5 LB
Lettuce, Romaine Blend 4/5 LB
Lettuce, Romaine Blend 50/50 6/3 LB
Lettuce, Shred 1/4″ 4/5 LB
Lettuce, Shred Lettuce/Romaine Blend 4/5 LB
Romaine Heart, Chop 4/3 LB
Romaine Heart, Chop 10/2 LB
Romaine, Chop 4/3 LB