Fresh Pak is a processor of fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens for the retail grocery, foodservice and food manufacturing industries. Our primary goal is to provide the freshest and safest product possible to our customers by sourcing product directly from growers selected for the best reputation in quality and food safety. Our in-house laboratory and quality assurance staff are dedicated to ensuring that our high quality and food safety standards are met.

Food Safety Is Our Highest Priority

Fresh Pak LabFresh Pak is committed to food safety and quality at all levels of the organization, from the highly engaged ownership all the way to the plant floor. We operate under a comprehensive food safety plan based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), which has been developed to evaluate and monitor our processes from beginning to end, effectively controlling food safety hazards at every stage of production. As a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified facility, we have all of the supporting programs and procedures in place to ensure a safe, quality product is delivered every time.

A recently expanded facility with state-of-the-art equipment offers unparalleled capability and efficiency with food safety designed into every step of the manufacturing process. Produce washing and processing equipment engineered specifically for the fresh-cut industry deliver best-in-class product consistency, while a custom-designed sanitation system gives us the ability to maintain the facility and equipment in pristine condition each day.

A fully dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team oversees operations to guarantee compliance with all customer and regulatory expectations. The QA team verifies that sanitary conditions are maintained, that equipment is functioning properly, and that the employees are properly trained and equipped to perform their jobs with food safety as a priority. Product and environmental testing are also performed by the QA team to validate the effectiveness of our programs. Our in-house microbiological laboratory gives us the ability to test our products with rapid precision and nearly zero delay, ensuring supreme confidence in product safety with maximum remaining shelf life.

A dedication to our customers and a mindset of continuous improvement provide the foundation of our successful food safety programs. Fresh Pak cares about food safety and quality, and is committed to excellence.