Retail Products

Fresh Pak works with Retail Grocers to develop successful Fresh Cut Fruit, Vegetable and Salad Programs packaged in either Private Labeled or Fresh Pak Labeled Packaging. Fresh Pak’s aggressive Food Safety Program utilizes our in-house laboratory and grower approval process prevents any type of outbreaks or recalls. Please contact your Fresh Pak sales representative for further details and samples.

Description Pack UPC
Apple Slices 9oz 7122817686
Asparagus Spears 8oz 7122817702
Broccoli and Cauliflower 12oz 7122817700
Broccoli Florets 8oz 7122817711
Brussels Sprouts, Seasoned 9oz 7122817707
Butternut Chunk 16oz 7122817715
Cantaloupe Chunks 24oz 7122817678
Cantaloupe Chunks 10oz 7122817668
Cauliflower Florets 12oz 7122817701
Celery and Carrot Stick 14oz 7122817721
Celery Stick 14oz 7122817720
Cored Pineapple 18.5oz 7122817673
Diced Onions 10oz 7122817727
Fajita Blend 9.5oz 7122817704
Fruit Medley 48oz 7122817689
Fruit Medley 10oz 7122817663
Fruit Medley 24oz 7122817676
Fruit Platter 40oz 7122817682
Fruit Tray No Dip 64oz 7122817691
Fruit Tray w/ Dip 26.75oz 7122817683
Fruit w/ Cheese Snack 7oz 7122817684
Guacamole, MILD 13.5oz 7122817735
Guacamole, SPICY 13.5oz 7122817736
Hamburger Fixing 10oz 7122817741
Honeydew Chunk 10oz 7122817671
Mango Chunks 10oz 7122817669
Melon Spears 16oz 7122817692
Mix Apple Slices 9oz 7122817687
Mix Berries 10oz 7122817664
Mix Berries 24oz 7122817680
Mix Fruit Spear 16oz 7122817693
Mix Grapes 24oz 7122817694
Mix Grapes 11oz 7122817665
Mix Melon Chunks 10oz 7122817670
Mix Melon Chunks 24oz 7122817679
Pico, Large 16oz 7122817725
Pico, Small 10oz 7122817724
Pineapple Chunks 10oz 7122817666
Pineapple Chunks 24oz 7122817677
Pineapple Rings 22oz 7122817674
Red Onion, Diced 10oz 7122817726
Roasting Veg Blend 11.5oz 7122817706
Salsa, Hot 16oz 7122817739
Salsa, Mild 16oz 7122817738
Steak Topper 7.5oz 7122817742
Strawberries 10oz 7122817667
Strawberry Kiwi 10oz 10 oz 7122817695
Tropical Blend 10oz 10oz 7122817696
Veg Tray w/ Dip 46oz 7122817732
Vegetable Medley 12oz 7122817714
Veggie Kebob 2 Pack 7122817743
Watermelon Chunks 24oz 7122817675
Watermelon Chunks 48oz 7122817688
Watermelon Chunks 10oz 7122817662
Watermelon Spears 16oz 7122817681
Zucchini Slices 12oz 7122817734